Vertimass Mission:

The mission of Vertimass LLC is to develop and widely license breakthrough technologies that substantially expand the use of sustainable transportation fuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy security and domestic economies.

Vertimass Vision:

Widespread use of proprietary Vertimass technology for low cost production of sustainable transportation fuels for aircraft, heavy and light duty vehicles from multiple sources of biomass on a large scale.

Vertimass Business Strategy

Vertimass will improve and demonstrate novel technologies that provide commercially viable lifetimes and yields and license the technology to rapidly expand its use. It will initially integrate the technology into existing facilities for rapid market penetration and expand to new facilities that use cellulosic biomass as that technology becomes commercial.


Successful development and rapid deployment of novel Vertimass liquid fuels technology will:
  1. Allow introduction of biofuels into new fuel markets, significantly expanding its reach.
  2. Provide the military with a new source of fuel that reduces their strategic vulnerability.
  3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from use of hydrocarbon fuels.
  4. Reduce oil imports from unstable regions of the world.

The Vertimass team:

William A. Shopoff, Chairman. Responsible for the direction of the firm, including designing the appropriate capital structure for the company. The Chairman will utilize relationships with capital partners, potential vendors and customers to optimize the growth of the company. He will be involved in negotiation of key contracts and providing overall vision for the firm. Bill has 30 years of real estate and investment experience, holds FINRA Series 22, 24, 62, and 63 securities licenses. BS Biology and MBA Finance and Accounting, University of Texas.
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Charles E. Wyman, President, Chief Executive Officer. Responsible for the development of the strategic plan to advance the Vertimass mission and definition of objectives to promote revenue, profitability, and growth. Recruit leading talents who can accelerate technical and commercial progress to maximize beneficial impact. Oversee the organization's operations to insure efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources. Dr.Wyman has 17 years of leadership positions with increasing responsibility at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), 18 years as academician at UNH, Dartmouth, UCR. He holds PhD and MA ChE Princeton University, BS ChE University of Massachusetts, MBA University of Denver.
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John R. Hannon, Chief Operating Officer and Process Engineer. Directs, administers, and coordinates internal operational activities to include successful advancement of the technology (scale-up), plant operation, partnering, and coordination in accordance with policies, goals, and objectives established by the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors. Assists the CEO in the development of Corporation's goals that cover operations, financial performance, and growth of the business. Leads and directs the following business units: process engineering, technology scale-up, and new business integration. Dr. Hannon has spent over 10 years in both the oils and gas industry along with the renewable fuel arena focusing on process economics, scale-up, technical due diligence for investments and identifying critical areas for improvements in companies and technology. He holds a PhD ChE from Dartmouth College and BS / MS ChE from Northeastern University.
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Thomas B. Mullen, Executive Vice President. Responsible for the Company's achievement of financial goals and objectives. Cultivates a strong and transparent working relationship with the executive team and board to ensure open communications on financial, programmatic, and impact performance against stated milestones and goals. Formulates and executes comprehensive marketing, branding, and development strategies that ensure consistency throughout the organization while enhancing public and private partnerships and revenue. Tom has over four decades of leadership in both the public and private sectors. He was the founder, former President and CEO, of Viresco Energy, a startup, renewable energy company. Tom was the recipient of numerous honors including Management Leader of the Year from the Anderson School of Management, UC Riverside; The National American Planning Association's Distinguished Leadership Award Presented to an Elected Official.
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Lisa Jack, Chief Financial Officer. Responsible for obtaining debt and equity required to facilitate the business plan. Develop financial well-being for the firm by providing financial projections and accounting services, preparing growth plans, and directing staff. Responsibility includes assuring the organization is in compliance with all applicable accounting regulations and completing necessary reporting requirements. Ms. Jack has over 15 years of experience in finance and accounting. Ms. Jack is a certified public accountant in Texas and California. Ms. Jack graduated from Texas A&M University with a M.S. in Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.
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